BD Waste

We ensure your recycles are collected as soon as you request a pickup. As a user, you directly deposit plastic waste into your digital wallet and receive credit for it.
Exchange your digital tokens into mobile money, airtime, data and health insurance.

Chestify AI Labs, LLC

At Chestify AI, our mission is to aggressively tackle the socio-economic and health distress created by the inadequate radiology infrastructure and presence of fewer radiologists in Africa and the Caribbean with a clinician-led artificial intelligence platform providing comprehensive tele-medicine solutions for medical imaging.

Cargoplug (formely Jan2Gidi)

Cargoplug offers 'Logistics As A Service' for businesses engaged in cross-border flow of goods.

Cargoplug uses shipping APIs and easy-to-use dashboards that provide seamless and trackable logistics solutions that eliminate the uncertainty and reduce transit times for shipping in and out of the African continent.

Kyanda Africa

Kyanda Africa is a pioneering fintech company based in Africa, specializing in cutting-edge financial solutions that prioritize accessibility and affordability for both individuals and businesses.

Our comprehensive platform boasts a unique low-transaction cost model, a user-friendly digital payment system, and seamless integration with existing financial services. Our mission revolves around promoting financial inclusion, with a strong emphasis on serving unbanked and underbanked populations. We aim to make a significant impact on Africa's financial landscape through innovation and a commitment to enhancing accessibility.


Inclusive Mobility-as-a-Service for emerging markets.


Parkwell matches drivers with available, safe parking spaces and helps property owners list their parking spaces for optimum use.

We're building a Digital Parking Platform that integrates parking facilities and connects them to mobile for a seamless experience.


Pharmaserv is a Healthcare e-Procurement Company. Our SaaS platform enables healthcare providers to access and procure their medical commodities seamlessly.


Precision agriculture/agriculture 4.0 brings a range of innovations to farms to enhance efficiency and maximize profits by using and analyzing data predictively, prescriptively, and preventively.

The Safetrack solution consists of an integrated IoT (Internet of Things) hardware and software platform for internal geolocation, monitoring, and tracking. It is 100% mobile, easy to maintain, low in electricity consumption, and bandwidth-friendly. Safetrack is an affordable, reliable, and environmentally responsible solution. At the core of our devices are refurbished smartphones, allowing us to provide a more efficient solution at 5 times lower cost than our competitors.


Sodishop is a marketplace, an online buying and selling platform operating in four countries in West Africa: MALI, GUINEA, SENEGAL, and CÔTE D'IVOIRE. Our mission is to enable all Africans to have goods delivered to their doorstep without the need to travel, regardless of their geographical location, social class, level of education, or income level.

In contrast to other selling platforms, Sodishop offers innovative and inclusive solutions through a suite of applications and strategies, making it easy for everyone to buy and sell without the need to physically go to a store initially. Subsequently, our goal is to promote the creation of thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

With a young and dynamic team of over 50 employees, 2500 Sodishopers, and more than 1000 active sellers, Sodishop aims to gradually expand its presence across Africa to foster the growth of e-commerce and logistics.


Yoonema is an e-commerce platform, a marketplace that provides a seamless experience for buyers and sellers in West Africa.

Our platform has been designed to offer high-quality products within an ecosystem that connects sellers, buyers, and service providers.