10mg Pharma

Since their establishment in 2022, 10mg Pharma has systematically addressed the challenges of managing chronic pain in Africa by pairing healthcare providers with financing partners, resulting in up to 15% in savings for patients.

With a focus on reducing treatment costs, their innovative AI-driven platform acts as a vital bridge, simplifying access to low-interest credits and discount offers on medications for healthcare providers. This transformative model, facilitating seamless transactions between healthcare providers and medication suppliers, is at the forefront of reshaping chronic pain management, making it more accessible, affordable, and efficient for both providers and patients across the continent.


Babimo, established in 2021 by El Mehdi Messek in Abidjan, is at the forefront of innovation, leading the way in the widespread adoption of contactless payment systems through QR codes.

The app plays a crucial role in democratizing access to financial services for individuals across all economic strata. By transforming a regular mobile phone into a versatile payment processor, it empowers retailers to seamlessly accept payments.

Babimo stands as a beacon of African innovation, showcasing the continent's dynamic prowess in the rapidly evolving realm of fintech.

Edusko Inc.

At the intersection of education and empowerment, Edusko Inc. has crafted an innovative education marketplace for schools, parents, students, and lenders. With a focus on fostering future prosperity, their platform is currently placing high-potential students in over 7,500 top K-12 private schools across Nigeria.

They empower parents by providing low-interest tuition finance, ensuring their wards receive a quality education. It's no secret that access to quality education is crucial for future success, and their platform offers parents the right tools and data-driven insights to navigate the school selection process seamlessly.

Let them guide you in matching your child with the perfect school, offering accessible tuition finance, and providing affordable learning resources to shape a brighter future.


Introducing KoriPass, the revolutionary game-changer in electronic wallets! Whether you opt for the sleek bracelet, eye-catching sticker, or handy keychain, KoriPass is set to redefine the landscape of payments.

Seamlessly integrating with physical accessories, this electronic marvel allows users of mobile money services such as Orange Money, Free Money, E-money, and more, along with anyone else, to effortlessly make contactless payments.

The secret to its magic lies in cutting-edge NFC and QR Code technology, ensuring that transactions are not just convenient but remarkably easy. Already embraced by thousands of savvy consumers, KoriPass captivates with its perfect blend of style and functionality. Bid farewell to traditional wallets and usher in a future where payments are as simple as a tap. Elevate your payment experience and embrace the future with KoriPass!

LyfPlus Limited

LyfPlus Limited, a telemedicine provider company based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is revolutionizing healthcare accessibility in the country.

Founded by William Mduma, the startup addresses the challenges faced by individuals due to limited healthcare professionals and long queues at hospitals.

In response to this pressing issue, LyfPlus offers affordable telemedicine services, including virtual physician consultations, hospital appointment bookings, home care, and medical tourism.

In the sprawling landscape of Tanzanian healthcare, LyfPlus Limited emerges as a transformative force, providing crucial and convenient healthcare solutions for all.


Messenger not only streamlines logistics by providing financial resources to operators like riders and drivers but also connects them with businesses for efficient last-mile deliveries, fostering trade and commerce.

Their services extend beyond geographical limitations, enabling clients to serve customers outside their current location, with real-time package tracking and a transparent, open system for accountability.

In the past 24 months alone, they have successfully served over 50,000 individuals and 40+ corporate clients. However, their commitment goes beyond package delivery; they are dedicated to forging connections and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in challenging economic and logistical landscapes. Their approach combines innovative last-mile delivery solutions with a strong emphasis on reliability, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence.

Munakyalo AgroFresh

Formed in May 2021 within the Kyaka 2 refugee settlement in western Uganda, Munakyalo Agrofresh introduces innovative solutions to prevent food spoilage.

Through solar-powered cold storage and preservation stations known as Cold Hives, smallholder farmers and market vendors benefit from an extended shelf life of perishable produce, from the usual two days to an impressive three weeks.

This not only reduces post-harvest losses and food wastage but also enhances farmer income and contributes to the crucial goal of reducing malnutrition. Munakyalo Agrofresh emerges as a mark of progress, solving the persistent challenges faced by farmers in rural areas and refugee camps.


Ostafandy | أوسطفنـدي is a leading platform from Egypt, offering technological software services tailored for smart handymen, engineers, and consumers. Their innovative platform connects professionals across various fields, from plumbing to artificial intelligence, providing a comprehensive solution for all home projects.

With their Patent Pending Smart Quote and Algorithmic pricing engine, users can effortlessly estimate and complete their projects, streamlining the entire process with precision and efficiency. Ostafandy is at the forefront of revolutionizing how professionals and consumers engage, making home projects more accessible and seamless.

Primed E-health

Primed E-health pioneers the transformation of African healthcare through its revolutionary Smartclinic innovation.

Established in 2012 and incorporated as Primed E-Health in 2021, their flagship product, Eclinic pro, evolved into Smartclinic—an Electronic Hospital Management System tailored for Nigeria.

Their activities include E-health project design, software development, policy creation, and knowledge sharing in health informatics. Join Primed E-health in revolutionizing healthcare with impactful innovation!